Detect Deep Fakes


Our advanced deep fake detector, DeFake, uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately analyze videos and images, with a 95% accuracy rate. It is a valuable tool for identifying manipulated media, protecting against the spread of misinformation, and for forensic investigations.

The Challenge

  • Rise in sophisticated deep fake technologies

  • Proliferation of misleading and malicious content online

  • Threat to personal identity and data privacy

  • Challenges in distinguishing between authentic and manipulated media

  • Increased potential for misinformation and its impact on society

  • Growing need for reliable detection mechanisms

Deployment Flexibility

Hybrid Architecture: Supports both cloud and on-prem deployment based on needs.

Scalable Infrastructure: Designed to handle increasing workloads, ensuring consistent performance.

Secure Integration: Compliant with industry-leading security standards for both cloud and on-site setups.

Customizable Settings: Tailor the deployment environment to specific organizational requirements and preferences.

No Limits

Unrestricted Video Analysis: Process videos of any duration without time constraints.

Handle Large Files with Ease: Engineered to manage files of any size, ensuring efficient deep fake detection.

Optimized Performance: Regardless of file size or video length, DeFake delivers consistent and fast results.

Our most important feature

Power of Multi-Engine Support

Supports multiple detection engines.

Easily plug-and-play new engines - future-proofing your defense.

Why is multi-engine support crucial?
  • Diverse Detection

    Combines strengths of various engines for comprehensive analysis.

  • Adaptability

    Easily integrates new engines, staying ahead of evolving threats.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Multiple engines cross-check, reducing false positives and negatives.

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