Information Security Policy

Our Aim

Our company plays an important role in protecting the information of our customers, employees and suppliers. To this end, we adopt best practices to protect information security and ensure confidentiality.

Management Commitment

The information security policy has been approved and supported by the management. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee, and implementation of the policy requires the participation of all employees.

Risk management

Risk management is a critical process for our company. All risks are managed through assessment, prevention and mitigation activities. Each employee is responsible for identifying and reporting potential risks.


The confidentiality of customer and employee information is our top priority. This information can only be accessed and used for business needs. Our company expects all employees to comply with privacy laws and company policies.

Data security

Our company takes the necessary measures to ensure the security of all data. This includes various measures such as backing up data, encrypting it, enforcing access controls, using virus scanning programs, and maintaining data integrity. Data integrity means the accuracy, completeness and consistency of data. Our company takes the necessary measures to maintain the accuracy and completeness of all data. In order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the data, all of our employees are responsible for keeping the data accurate and up to date.

Network Security

Our company takes the necessary measures to ensure network security. This includes various measures such as network access control, firewall configuration, use of antivirus programs, and timely updates.

Education and Awareness

All employees work in line with the information security policy. In addition, informational materials are provided regularly to raise awareness about information security.

Notice of Violations

All employees are obliged to immediately report possible information security violations. Violations are dealt with as soon as possible and necessary corrective actions are taken.

Monitoring and Review

The information security policy will be updated by our company’s continuous monitoring and review activities. This policy will be regularly reviewed and improved to ensure that the company achieves its information security goals.

Our company takes all necessary measures to fully comply with the information security policy and to ensure that our employees understand and implement this policy. This policy is an important tool to ensure the confidentiality and security of customer and employee information, and supporting and enforcing all employees will help our company achieve its information security goals.