Face Recognition

Verify and Identify

Our cutting-edge face recognition system uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately identify individuals, making it a valuable tool for border security, law enforcement, and other applications where accurate identification is critical.

Our Mission

Providing advanced artificial intelligence systems that help to keep our homeland and borders safe and secure.

We are committed to developing cutting-edge technology that accurately detects potential threats, in order to protect the security of our country and its allies.



We strive to be the leading provider of AI security solutions for border and public security, and to continuously improve and evolve our systems in order to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Object Detection

Detect and Track

Our advanced object detection system uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect and track objects in both still images and live camera feeds. It supports a variety of cameras, including thermal, multi-spectral, and hyper-spectral, making it a versatile tool for a range of applications.

Deepfake Detection

Counteract Deep Fakes

Our advanced deepfake detector, DeFake, uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately analyze videos and images, with a 95% accuracy rate. It is a valuable tool for identifying manipulated media, protecting against the spread of misinformation, and for forensic investigations.

Speech Analytics

From Speech to Insights

Our speech analysis tool uses deep learning models to accurately analyze and understand speech. It is a valuable tool for determining whether a tape has been tampered with, understanding ambiguous speech, breaking down speech codes, and creating voice line-ups for suspect elimination and speaker identification.

On-Prem and Cloud LLMs

Custom Large Language Models

We utilize Open Source Large Language Models (LLMs) customizable for both on-premises and cloud setups, adhering to diverse country-specific data security standards. Our expertise lies in tailoring these LLMs for applications such as translations, summarizations, chatbots, and personal assistants, ensuring solutions that meet our clients' unique needs with utmost data privacy and security.

Architectural Solutions

On-Premise, Cloud and Edge

Our advanced artificial intelligence systems are designed to run smoothly and reliably on any platform, thanks to their microservice architecture and containerized design. Whether you need to run them on on-premises servers, in the cloud or even in the edge, our systems are flexible and adaptable, ensuring that you can access their capabilities anytime, anywhere.

Customized AI for Your Unique Needs

At our company, we specialize in creating custom artificial intelligence solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you need to work with video, sound, sensor data, or any other type of live streaming data, we have the capabilities to deliver the insights and results you need. Contact us to learn more about how our custom AI solutions can help your business or organization.

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